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Queen Victoria's Life in Prints

[HerMajesty the Queen.]
[Engraved by W.H. Simmons, 1877.] EL 1839. [EL: artist's monogram.]
[Ref: 23011]   £280.00

Last Sunday ITV aired the first episode of their new drama 'Victoria', evidence that the fascination with the life of Queen Victoria continues.

Rather like our own modern media’s fascination with the young generations of the British Royal Family, the general public couldn’t get enough insights into the life of their young monarch. Victorian England was so intrigued by her daily life that a huge range of prints were made capturing unseen moments as well as the public.

To theQueen's Most Excellent Majesty, This Portrait of Her Royal Consort, PrinceAlbert of Saxe Coburg & Gotha, Duke of Saxony, &c.&c.
Painted by F. Hanfstaengl, of Gotha. M & N Hanhart, Lith. Printers. Drawn on Stone by J.H. 
[Ref: 24064]   £190.00  

At the end of this week’s episode Victoria met her future husband Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg & Gotha, the married life of this Royal couple fascinated Victorian England. 

Prints were made of the major events in their lives such as their wedding.

Formal events such as military reviews.

[Victoria& Albert at a Military Review at Blackheath]
Opitz del. Hilscher Sc.
[Dresden, 1841.]
[Ref: 30068]   £2,500.00  

Of course the attempted assassination of Victoria by Edward Oxford while Albert and Victoria were riding in a carriage on Constitution Hill in 1840 gripped the nation.


  Top of Form
But also the more every day events such as a trip to the opera received attention.

The Queen& Prince Albert going in State to the Opera.
Painted by J. Pollard.
[Ref: 20757]   £160.00 

The Royal Children frequently appeared in prints in Victorian England and received as much attention as the Royal Children do now.

Scenes such as the Royal family playing at home with their pets or toys were very popular.

A Peep AtWindsor Terrace. The Royal Children with their favourite dog.
Dean & Co. Threadneedle St. [n.d., c.1845.]
[Ref: 11708]   £220.00


[H.R.H.Princess Alice with Eos.]
[Engraved by Thomas Landseer, A.R.A., 1875.] [EL: artist's monogram.]
[Ref: 23027]   £360.00   

Dean & Co. Threadneedle Street. [n.d., c.1845.]
[Ref: 11710]   £220.00

Queen Victoria was often depicted as the ideal mother, shown doting on her children. 

Engraved by J. Porter, from a Sketch by Lady R.
[n.d., c.1840s]
[Ref: 32442]   £110.00

The RoyalMother. Royal Album No. 26.
T.C. Wilson dell. Alf.d Carlile, Litho. London.
[n.d. c.1845.]
[Ref: 21523]   £60.00

It was not only the Royal Children who were popular the Royal Pets also received attention. The well-known Victorian artist Edwin Landseer even painted a series of her favourite pets, from the more typical domestic pets such as the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Dash (who has so far made several appearances in the program) to her more exotic animals.

[Engraved by Charles Mottram, 1875.] [EL: artist's monogram.]
[Ref: 23012]   £650.00

[Engraved by Charles Mottram, 1874.] [EL: artist's monogram.]
[Ref: 23023]   £520.00  

[Engraved by Charles Mottram, 1875.] [EL: artist's monogram.]
[Ref: 23038]   £320.00   

[Engraved by J.B. Hunt, 1877.] EL. [monogram of Edwin Landseer.]
[Ref: 23026]   £380.00 

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